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  Today's Date
  Study company relocation policy to see what expenses are covered and which vendors are approved
  Check which moving expenses will be tax deductible
  Obtain information about your new city
  Find a REALTORŪ to market your home
  Get boxes for your move
  Estimate moving van costs
  Find a REALTORŪ in your new city
  Estimate the amount you can spend on a house
  Find a local lender and track your loan online.
  Have a lender pre-approve (not pre-qualify) you for a mortgage before you shop for a home
  Choose the van line for your move
  Update your address book of friends and relatives
  Make a list of people you need to notify
  Begin sorting out those items you do not plan to move
  Plan a date for a garage sale
  Choose a new house
  Look into auto insurance in your new city
  Transfer Memberships to Clubs, Church and Civic Organizations
  Arrange house financing and set tentative closing dates
  Obtain information from area religious institutions
  Check how to obtain new driver's licenses, license plates
  Contact an agent for new home, auto insurance
  Select a new bank, establish accounts and safe deposit box
  Plan how you will arrange furniture in your new residence, and make a list of things you will need to buy
  If you have not yet found a new residence, obtain a post office box for forwarding
  Obtain names, phone numbers, and requirements (such as deposits) for utility companies
  Schedule pickup and delivery dates with your mover and arrange storage, if needed
  Sort belongings into those you will dispose of, take with you, and ship with mover
  For high value items you will be shipping, obtain an appraisal and gather receipts
  Make your travel arrangements
  Hold your garage sale, give items to charity
  Verify your schedules with real estate agents, landlords, and arrange interim housing if needed
  Reconfirm with your mover dates for packing, pick-up and delivery
  Send out change of address cards to post office, friends, relatives, magazines
  Gather personal records from doctors, dentists, lawyers, accountants, schools, religious institutions
  Notify current utilities--gas, phone, electric, water, cable of disconnect dates and forwarding address, get refunds
  Contact new utilities to tell them when to commence service
  Notify you credit card companies of change of address
  Apply for new bank cards and local store charge accounts
  Plan where to spend your last night in current city
  Transfer bank accounts and safe deposit box
  Notify your stock broker or investment counselor
  Settle any outstanding bills
  Obtain veterinary records and licenses, get new tags if needed, and arrange for pets' transportation
  If you are moving from a high-rise, reserve the elevator for moving day
  Drain oil and gas from your power equipment
  Cancel deliveries and services, such as newspapers, diaper service, and trash collection as of moving day
  Arrange for someone to watch pets on moving day
  Order newspaper subscription for your new address
  Defrost freezer. Get rid of perishable food you won't eat before moving
  Give your plants a loving home
  If you are driving, have your car serviced
  Pack your luggage and anything you are taking with you
  Use only those household items you absolutely need--everything else should be ready to go
  Obtain traveler's checks for trip expenses and payment to movers
  Return telephones to the phone company if they are leased
  Before the movers leave, check through the house, including the attic, to make sure nothing was missed
  Stay overnight in a hotel, or with friends or family. Leave next morning fresh for your new home


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