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  1. Always look at the home from the buyer’s point of view.  Be objective and honest with yourself.

  2. Statistics show that making improvements to (dressing up) the outside of your home will give you a greater return on your investment than interior improvements. 

  3. The most important thing to do is have everything as uncluttered, neat and clean and possible.  Have the interior of the house freshly painted in neutral colors. 

  4. Stimulate the buyer’s imagination by setting scenes: a warm fire, a chair with a quilt, a book on the table. 

  5. Create a spacious feeling in the home.  Leave interior doors open.  Open windows & turn on lights.  

  6. Post a chart or sheet that identifies and accentuates the positive features of the home. Better yet, use small well-printed signs to accentuate positive features. (Many model homes have these.)

  7. Use folded quilts, bright colored pillows and fresh flowers to draw attention to positive features.

  8. Use props such as a bright colored umbrella on a deck to point to backyard positives.

  9. Disguise unsightly views, but do not use dark, heavy curtains. Instead, hang light sheers and let the breeze blow through and move them.  Never apologize for a poor view.

  10. Place three to four inch glass shelves inside window frames and decorate with small plants or stuffed animals on the shelves, but leave lots of light streaming through.

  11. Eliminate bad odors by removing the source. Deodorize cat litter and place cedar blocks or chips inside closets and drawers.

  12. Make sure front door area is clutter free. Replace old doormats and avoid cute sayings on mats. Maybe place some flower pots by front entry.

  13. Avoid eccentricities such as beads hanging in doorways, wild posters, black or dark walls, mirrored ceilings, sacred temples, red/gold wallpaper, jars of bugs or snakes. Make home appealing to the masses.

  14. Have a garage sale before the home is put on the market.

  15. Maintain a comfortable look in the home that lies somewhere between clutter and sterility.

  16. Make the home inviting by having clean windows, open drapes, lights on, soft music playing.

  17. If there is space, hang a two-person chair swing on the porch or patio. Maybe paint it a bright color and place brightly colored pillows on the seat.

  18. Make sure all doors, electrical plates and corners of walls are clean and fingerprint free.

  19. Clean out closets to give them a spacious feeling.

  20. Highlight the fireplace.  If the weather is cool, have a fire going when the home is being shown.  You can also add color with flowers on the mantel.

  21. Stand outside in front of the home and evaluate the overall feeling. Is it warm and does it invite you in? Curb appeal is very important. Shrubs should be manicured. No clutter. Provide color with flower beds or pots. Make sure lawns are neat and trimmed, house is freshly painted, and there is a symmetrical look to the landscape.

  22. Set the dining room table.  Make it homey with flowers and candles.

  23. Create counter space by removing dish racks, cleansers, dish soaps and unused appliances.

  24. Depersonalize rooms to be appealing to the masses.

  25. Having fresh flowers in the homes gives a feeling of life.

  26. Increase wattage of light bulbs in dark areas of the home, especially bedrooms, kitchen, closets and laundry area.

  27. Use color to draw attention to positives with flowers, quilts and pillows.

  28. Make beds appear inviting.

  29. Use bright colored tablecloths on outside patio tables.

  30. Use mirrors to make small areas appear larger.

  31. Use track lighting to create moods.  It is inexpensive and can work wonders.

  32. Clean off book and wall shelves to make the wall appear spacious.

  33. Make sure the garage is spotless and there are no cars inside or on the driveway when the home is being shown.

  34. Make sure the access through the home is very open and comfortable for at least three people at a time.

  35. Store excessive furniture.

  36. Make sure doors open all the way.

  37. Find some way to light or highlight exposed beams.

  38. Get rid of video arcades and make sure the television is not the focal point of any room.

  39. Make sure hanging items are clean and free of cobwebs.

  40. Make sure all electrical sockets and switches outside and inside operate properly.

  41. Make sure hallways are bright and unobstructed.

  42. Create a "master suite" effect in the master bedroom by giving the appearance of a bed and breakfast. Magazines are a good source for decorating.

  43. Make sure staircases are uncluttered and well lit and the handrails are secure.

  44. Possibly keep under bed storage boxes so the home can be tidied up quickly if shown on short notice.

  45. Make sure shower doors and curtains are clean and unstained.

  46. Keep porch, deck and patio furniture clean in case a potential buyer sits down.

  47. Clean all grease and oil stains off driveway, walkway, parking areas and garage floor.

  48. Trim all bushes away from windows for security purposes and to allow light in.

  49. Use props to entice the buyer’s imagination. Some examples are bird houses in bright colors, flowers, hammocks, swing on porch or patio, clean barbecue, dishes or potpourri, glass mirrors, books on table, chess set, set table, potted plants, pillows, quilts, logs in fireplace, knitting basket by rocking chair, guitar, piano, music stand or stool, basket of pinecones, dried flowers, etc.



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